What is the European Prosecutor’s Office? with Kiril Bougartchev

The intervention of our partner Kiril Bougartchev on Lex Inside on the new European Prosecutor’s Office.

➡️ The European Prosecutor’s Office is another contribution to European justice. After the creation of Eurojust and the European arrest warrant, it is the new fundamental milestone of a European criminal justice.

➡️ For the time being, its jurisdiction is limited to economic and financial offenses committed against the European Union and offenses inextricably linked to them.

➡️ The European Public Prosecutor’s Office will have extraordinary powers, the prosecutors will have national competences equivalent to those of the current prosecutors doubled with the competences of the investigating judge. What is desirable is to move forward step by step.

➡️ Concerning the companies, there is a certain relocation of the judicial power to Luxembourg which implies, on the one hand, the relocation of the decision-making center, thus a certain loss of proximity, and on the other hand a concern of practitioners, in particular legal directors but also lawyers, relating to the respect of the rights of defense due to the super-power of European prosecutors.

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