After 30 and 20 years, respectively, of professional practice in major firms and hundreds of trials, we have chosen to create an ambitious firm for our clients, where the hallmarks are independence, liberty, versatility and flexibility.

We are litigation lawyers who are recognised by the profession, and we assist public or private companies, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies and their officers in all proceedings they are facing, whether involving white collar crime, civil law, commercial law or regulatory matters. We assist them on a daily basis, during crises or to aid them in meeting their legal and regulatory obligations. We also work with our clients in connection with their internal enquiries and training programmes.

We have extensive experience in emergency, complex, multi-party, transnational and multi-jurisdictional proceedings, as well as in negotiating settlement agreements, in France and internationally, and are accustomed to working in teams. We assist our clients worldwide, alongside international firms and specialised firms. We are frequently appointed to coordinate the work of law firms selected in various jurisdictions.


We are the partners of our clients, not just their lawyers. We are particularly mindful of our clients’ strategy and image, and work closely with them to achieve the objectives they have set for us. We endeavour to acquire full understanding of our clients, their activities, their organisation and their teams, as well as to become familiar with the risks inherent in their businesses, their requirements and their objectives.

Accordingly, we are able to quickly identify the procedural and strategic options available to our clients and provide them with pragmatic responses.


Innovation is at the core of our practice: whether the first indictment by videoconference between France and the United States, the first use of an electronic bracelet in a financial matter, negotiating an Alford plea or the first plea bargain (“CRPC”) negotiated by the national financial crimes prosecutor (“PNF”) and the French government in a money laundering case, we have always been creative and will continue to promote innovative solutions in the interests of our clients.

Group action

The partners are active on all cases and structure an appropriate team in which the client is the concern of all. The firm’s lawyers are accustomed to working together, and the younger lawyers acquire immediate responsibilities. Our policy is to promote all lawyers’ talents within an open organisation in which the transmission of knowledge and expertise is an essential value.

The respect of others is a requirement for efficacy and excellence. Whether we are appointed to fight or to settle, we always act in compliance with the ethical rules applicable to the profession, courteously and fairly.